Frequently Asked Questions

Pace Groups

We will have a pacing team running with us this year. Seven half-marathon pacers will be out on the course targeting the following finish times: 1:40, 1:50, 2:00, 2:10, 2:20, 2:30, 2:40. And one full marathon pacer will be available targeting a 4:30 finish. Pacers will have unique shirts and will carry goal time flags so be on the lookout for them at the start and out on the course.

Wheelchairs Permitted

Wheelchairs athletes are encouraged to participate and there will be a separate division for you for awards!

Bib & Timing Rules

All participants for the live event will be issued a disposable timing chip on the back of their bib. Do not remove the chip from the back of your bib. Participants are responsible for wearing their number throughout the event. We hate to be harsh, but: 
No Number = No Results = No Awards.

Mile Markers

Yes, the miles will be marked on the course at every mile for both the half and full marathon distances.

Aid Stations

There will be water and energy drink stations approximately every two miles on the course.

Portable Bathrooms

There will be bathrooms at the start & finish, as well as portable bathrooms ("porta-potties") on the course.

Packet Pickup for a Friend

If you are unable to pick up your chip/bib/shirt at packet pickup, you may ask a friend to pick it up for you. Please coordinate this to make sure you don't both try to pick it up.

Skates, Bikes, Strollers, Pets

You may not have roller skates, inline skates, skateboards, bikes, strollers, or pets in our events. If you are caught on the course with any of these, you will be removed from the race and directed off of the course. Your signed waiver commits you to not using any of these items. This is for your and other participants safety.


The ORRRC strongly discourages the use of headphones.  We ask that you not listen to music so that you may safely hear instructions from volunteers, park rangers and police; and you are able to enjoy the sounds of the events and the runners around you.

Additional Mileage

You are welcome to add additional miles to your race day.  Please finish the half marathon and cross the finish line so your time is recorded.  You may then continue with the rest of your miles on the course. Please continue to wear your bib number so aid station volunteers know to provide fluid/aid should you need it.

Running Buddies

Training partners and running buddies not registered for the race may run with you as this is not a closed course.  We ask that they do not cross the finish line with you to avoid confusion for the finish line volunteers. They are not entitled to aid station amenities and will not be offered them, nor any pre/post race amenities.

More Questions?

If you still have questions, please contact our race directors: Kelsey ( and Rebekah (